The Creative and Urban Regeneration Days 2021

The Creative and Urban Regeneration Days 2021

The second major capitalisation event of the project #RESTART_4Danube, the midterm conference, was organised by our Slovenian partners from #Maribor on 28.10.2021.

At the beginning, the moderator of the conference Matej Delakorda kicked-off the conference by inviting participants to introduce themselves, followed by an introduction into the main topics of the event – culture, creativity, connecting stakeholders and urban regeneration.

The welcome speech was given by prof. dr. Zdravko Kačič, the Rector of the University of Maribor, who spoke about the role of cultural and creative industries (#CCI). He pointed out that the #covidー19 situation is still influencing our daily-to-day life and will continue to influence it, something that is especially true for some of the creative and cultural industries. He also spoke about the importance, potential and future of the sector in Slovenia and Europe as a whole.

The conference was divided into three thematic parts with four, seven and three presentations in each of them. While the first part covered the more general opportunities for CCIs, the second part introduced the activities of RESTART_4Danube. In the last thematic part, the attendees could gather new inspirations from already finished and still running projects in the field of #urbanregeneration and #creativity.

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