An artistic plein-air

An artistic plein-air

An artistic plein-air was held among the picturesque Carpathian mountains, as part of the implementation of the project No. HUSKROUA/1702/3.1/0042 "Through art we ruin borders", within the ENI CBC "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020" Programme in the period of August 8-14, 2022. A group of famous and restless artists went to the village of Pylypets, Zakarpattia region to be inspired and to inspire others.


The purpose of the project is the development of cross-border cultural ties and support of creativity. It is envisaged to hold various art exhibitions, organize and conduct thematic cultural events (master classes) in Ukraine and Slovak Republic, to popularize Zakarpattia and foreign artists in the world.


 The main goal of the event was the development and promotion of art in Zakarpattia region, support of regional artists, who in their artistic works immortalize the unique beauty and greatness of the Carpathians, and to contribute to the improvement of the image and confirmation of our region in the development of cultural potential.

 The following artists participated in the plein-air:

Vasyl Svalyavchyk is a People's Artist of Ukraine

Vovchok Vasyt is an honored artist of Ukraine

Olena Kondratyuk is an honored artist of Ukraine

Odarka Dolgosh is an honored artist of Ukraine

Viktor Chepynets, Svitlana Kyrlyk, Oksana Yadchuk-Machynska, Volodymyr Hleba (members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine).

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