LAP 1 – Policivil Workshop Craiova

LAP 1 – Policivil Workshop Craiova

The Policivil Workshop regarding LAP1 organized by the two #RESTART_4Danube teams from Craiova gathered around 70 stakeholders. The actors were covering a large spectrum of backgrounds: independent artists, cultural institutions, music & theater, young entrepreneurs, international companies, Regional Development Agencies, Universities and R&D institutes, #SMEs, civil society.

The participants got informed about the project, its aims, and achievements so far. A very lively discussion took place in the last hour, with stakeholders expressing opinions and wishes, but also giving suggestions.

With this in mind, the joint teams from #Craiova got a lot of important input to start planning the implementation of their LAP in project period 3.

To find out further developments regarding this LAP, stay tuned to our web page ( and social media channels.

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