Boosting cREativeinduSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region

Boosting cREativeinduSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region

Boosting cREativeinduSTries in urbAn Regeneration
for a stronger Danube region


01.07.2020 – 31.12.2022


Cities in the Danube Region face challenges to develop a culture that generates public/private synergies to promote SMEs & stimulate creative urban communities. In order to overcome thesechallenges, the project’s main objective is to improve framework conditions & policy instruments by supporting the regional & local Specialization Strategy S3 for a new model of Urban Regeneration involving Culture & Creative Industries (CCIs).

In this manner, 3 specific objectives are defined:

• Develop a common strategy to support creative and innovative urban developments.

• Implement 5 Local Action Plans to boost transnational collaboration & develop cross-linkages across the Danube Region.

• Provide different opportunities & platforms for public authorities to discuss issues & exchange ideas.

As a part of the project pilot action, 5 Local Action Plans (LAPs) will be developed. The LAPs will significantly improve the transnational & institutional cooperation and enhance the capacity building.

• LAP 1 - New spaces for experimentation, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the CCI sector in Craiova, Romania.

• LAP 2 - Sustainable regeneration of industrial building in Rijeka, Croatia.

• LAP 3 - Transit-oriented development in Maribor, Slovenia.

• LAP 4 - Refurbishing heritage and historical buildings in Sárvár, Hungary.

• LAP 5 - Green urban regeneration in Vratsa, Bulgaria.

Expected results:

• a common strategy on creative urban regeneration for the Danube region,

• a new set of tools for Creative Urban Regeneration,

• the 5 Local Action Plans,

• a package of Cooperation Agreements between enterprises and research & development institutions,

• a package of Readiness Level Audits,

• a training toolkit with modules on Creativity and Urban Governance and on Urban Innovation Management.

The partnership comprises 25 project partners coming from 12 countries and is coordinated by University “Politehnica” from Bucharest, Romania. The project uses a quadruple helix approach through the collaboration of 11 public authorities, 7 companies &business support organizations, 4 higher education & research institutions and 3 civil society actors. The countries participating to the RESTART_4Danube project next to Romania are Germany, Slovenija, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, and Estonia.

In the consortium, NOVUM NGO will be responsible for developing regional analysis of

creative and cultural industries and it will also support the organization of one policivil workshop in Uzhhorod and attend it. NOVUM will replicate activities from the Local Action Plan on refurbishing heritage and historical buildings. It will furthermore participate in 5 study visits in Rijeka, Craiova, Maribor, Vratsa and Sárvár.


Duration 07.2020 – 12.2022

The RESART_4Danube project is co-funded by 3 European Union funds, the European Regional Development Fund, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

Budget in Euro


Overall: 1.814.895

ERDF Contribution: 1.348.100

IPA Contribution: 57.710,75

ENI Contribution: 136.850


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