Project “ Early Warning and Joint Preparedness for Emergency Situations at Romanian-Ukrainian border” is co-financed by ENI CBC Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Programme 2014-2020

24 June 2021

The Lead Applicant of the project is TARNA MARE COMMUNE, Romania together with 4th State Fire and Rescue Force of the Department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian Region, ARDUD CITY and Informational Center for Innovation and Development NOVUM will carry activities which will aim at increasing the reaction capacity and decreased time response in Satu Mare County from RO(the area of Tarna Mare commune, town Ardud, neighbor areas in Țara Oașului and Zona Satmarului) and in Transcarpathian region (town Vinogradov and surroundings), by the end of Program implementation. The 4 partners agreed to realize this through (1) developing competences of 9 volunteer teams from different localities in targeted area; (2) strengthening long-term cross-border cooperation in the prevention and management of emergency situations, through sharing good practices along the project's implementation; (3) developing Early Warning System and intervention equipment on both sides of the common border. Expected achievements refer to improved response and strengthened intervention capacity at the Romanian-Ukrainian border of volunteer services for emergency situations. After the project implementation, there will be 9 trained and tested volunteer teams (at least 90 persons) in: first aid giving, usage of geo-location instruments (GPS) for precisely identify target locations, usage of special alpine techniques for rescue operations and interventions in case of flooding. The project addresses the general need for local rescue teams for intervention in case of emergency situations, and supports these teams to gain nnew competences and acquire new equipment. Also the project promotes volunteering as a resource for managing rapid and efficient interventions in case of disasters.


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