The project "Through the art we ruin borders"

The project "Through the art we ruin borders"

The project "Through the art we ruin borders" is implemented within the framework of the ENI CBC “Hungary - Slovakia - Romania – Ukraine” 2014-2020 Programme, co-financed by the European Union. The Lead Beneficiary is the city of Mihalovce. Project partners: Department of International Cooperation and Innovation of Uzhhorod City Council, Ukraine, Informational Center for Innovation and Development “NOVUM”, Ukraine, Municipality of Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary.


Implementation of the Project will help to preserve the monuments of cultural heritage in the city of Mihalovce and the city of Uzhhorod, filling them with new meaning and functionality. Within the project a complex reconstruction of the monument of national cultural heritage of Slovakia - the building in the town of Michalovce "Golden Bull" will be carried out. This building will be transformed into an interconnected city gallery and tourist information center. The reconstruction also includes the purchase of equipment and equipping the premises, installation of video camera system, equipping the gallery with furniture, purchasing a sound system, multimedia equipment and installing the necessary ICT equipment. Thanks to the project, municipal galleries and professional tourist information centers of the European standard will be created in the twin cities of Mihalovce (Slovakia) and Uzhhorod (Ukraine).

The project will help to unite residents of cross-border regions through culture, art, common history, as well as it will help to preserve cultural heritage of the regions as a basis for tourism promotion.
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"Integrated Emergency Preparedness System of the Danube Delta" Project is implemented within ENI CBC “Romania-Ukraine” Programme 2014-2020

The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Reni District Council, project partners are Municipal Company "Center of sustainable development and environmental studies of the Danube region" (Ukraine), Administrative Territorial Unit of the Isaccea Municipality (Romania), Informational Center for Innovation and Development “NOVUM” (Ukraine).

The project aims at improving the situation of informing population in case of emergencies of natural and man-made nature in the border area of the Lower Danube region


As a part of the project, modern sirens will be installed in the Reni district, and an early warning system will be set up. The project will connect relevant services of both border regions. Mutual assistance and a joint action plan will help to respond promptly and provide mutual assistance in emergencies.
Thematic trainings will be held for project beneficiaries, informative booklets will be published and a website with all useful information about the project results will be created.

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