Safe Labour

Safe Labour

The project “SafeLabour: informational support to labour migrants” (No. 21810217) has been supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


The main goal of SafeLabour project is to provide information assistance for labour migrants (Ukrainian citizens and other nationals) by establishing Support Centers in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Project activities:

- Meeting of project partners to determine the most important information requests of migrants, discussion of main directions of activity of the Support Centers.

- Development of a program for supporting EaP migrants. It will be available both in newly created institutions and online (this web-page is created for this purpose).

- Advertisement in EU countries: printed promotional materials (billboards, posters) for placement at the train station (or nearby), at bus stops, etc.

- Advertisement in Ukraine: promotion of a program for supporting Ukrainian migrants on the Internet.

- Launch of the Support Centers for Ukrainian migrants in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Project Applicant:

Institute for Regional Development, Prague, Czech Republic.

Project Partners:

OIC Poland, Lublin, Poland

Common Regions, Kosice, Slovakia

Informational Center for Innovation and Development “NOVUM”, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

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